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Articles from 19(1)/2018

The Rise, the Fall, and the Resurgence of Theory: Critique of Suspicion, Critique Beyond Suspicion



The article stands for a critical argument for the present themed issue of Ekphrasis, devoted to Aftermaths of Critical Theory in Cinema, Literature, Art and Visual Culture. This short introduction briefly presents the interpretive perspective of each of the articles, pointing out that th... Read More

Keywords: political turn in arts and humanities, critical theory, post-critical, school of suspicion, the Eastern scene

Echoes, Specters and the Work of Critical Theory



The fashion of post-theory seems itself outdated now. After almost two decades of attacks on critical theory, on the political Left and on the intersection between aesthetics and politics, the tide is certainly turning. Faced with a world in which the violence of neoliberalism and the failures of multicultu... Read More

Keywords: critical theory, contemporary art, avant garde, disutopia, courage

The Emancipated Theorist: Indisciplinarity and the Academia



By refusing a distribution of roles between theorists and spectators, between critical and non-critical subjects, Jacques Rancière’s theory of intellectual emancipation is in some ways anticipating the eclipse of film theory and of critical theory as academic disciplines.

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Keywords: Academia, the Common, Critical theory, Discipline, Emancipation, Indisciplinarity, Jacques Rancière

On the Dialectical Value of the Science of Mickey Mouse or the Return of the Negation of the Negation in Cinema Studies

Doru POP


Many authors have announced the death of theory or the end of criticism, while others tried in recent years to reinvigorate Critical Theory or Marxism, in an effort to adapt them to the realities of the XXI-st century. There are several lines of questioning here, the first is if the analytical principles d... Read More

Keywords: Marxism, cinema studies, Critical Theory, post-theory, dialectical method, negation of negation

Roland Barthes and the Reception of French Structuralism in Socialist Romania

Alexandru MATEI


This article discusses French literary structuralism following the perspective of the history of ideas and the problematic of cultural transfers. The interest in structuralism is here primarily political/ideological, in so far as, during the 1960s, the structuralist approach to literature played an importan... Read More

Keywords: French structuralism, Roland Barthes, literary theory, Eastern European intellectuals, Virgil Nemoianu, Mihai Botez, Thomas Pavel.

The Slippages of the Present and the Stage Presence in the Long-durational Performance − A Deconstructivist Perspective in the Context of Post-theory



The present paper proposes a questioning of the ways in which, in the long-durational performance, there occurs an overestimation of the temporal regime of the present, to which a “stage” presence of the performer corresponds, understood as a “live”, in corpore, unmediated p... Read More

Keywords: long-durational performance, temporal turn, pres-ence/absence, trace, repetition, critical theory, defetishization

Digital Technology and The New Arts From The Philosophy of Technology Perspective

Rodica MOCAN


Nowadays, notions such as body, time, space, identity, reality, are all redefined in new thinking frames, determined by the impact of new technologies and new media on life. All of these concerns about the relationship with technologies and how they affect lifestyles in the information age are at the heart... Read More

Keywords: philosophy of technology, digital interactive performance, new technologies, information age, and digital arts.

The World Seen Through a Vagina. The Photography of Private Space in Dani Lessnau’s Experiment

Alexandra TURCU


This paper aims to renegotiate the place of the photography of private space, as the recent experiments in this area show that it is imperative that the moral censorship with which it has been surrounded by the sovereign power be undone. In the first section of the paper I will analyse Hannah Arendt’... Read More

Keywords: private and public realm, Hannah Arendt, the civil contract of photography, Ariella Azoulay, Dani Lessnau

The Impossible and the Desire



The paper has the aim of offering a critical perspective on gender and identity, following the line suggested by Judith Butler and Gayatri Spivak, whose theories and visions are reflected in the movies In a Year of 13 Moons by Rainer Fassbinder and Morer como un homem by Jaou Pedro Rodrig... Read More

Keywords: queer studies, alienation, gender, identity, film theory

The Topo-nomological Discourse in Judeo-Christian Culture: Religious Loopholes and the Practice of the Other

Dragoș BUCUR


This paper aims to identify a topo-nomologial principle (as described by Jacques Derrida concerning the concept of the archive) at the level of discourse within the Judeo-Christian culture regarding the practices and customs that are either imposed or forbidden by this type of discourse. The analysis attemp... Read More

Keywords: topo-nomological, religious practices, religious loopholes, alterity, circumcision, excision, Judaism

Dispelling the Ideology of Immortality. Reading Kundera through Critical Theory Lenses



The present study aims at analysing the representations of symbolic immortality in Milan Kundera’s novel, Immortality (1999), and at assessing their potential to function as a critique of the current ways in which Western society configures immortality based on an over-pacifying principle ca... Read More

Keywords: symbolic immortality, critical theory, the Other, deconstruction, Kundera, Sartre

New and Old Realities in Romanian and Hungarian Cinema



Review of: Anna Batori, Space in Romanian and Hungarian Cinema, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

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Keywords: Anna Batori, Space in Romanian and Hungarian Cinema, Palgrave Macmillan

The Restoration of the Dialectical Modernism

Cosmin BORZA


Review of: Teodora Dumitru, Rețeaua modernităților: Paul de Man – Matei Călinescu – Antoine Compagnon [The Web o f Modernities: Paul de M an – Matei Călinescu – Antoine Compagnon], Bucharest: Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române, 2016

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Keywords: Teodora Dumitru, Rețeaua modernităților: Paul de Man – Matei Călinescu – Antoine Compagnon, The Web of Modernities: Paul de Man – Matei Călinescu – Antoine Compagnon, Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române

A Critique of Literary Ideas



Review of: Adriana Stan, Bastionul lingvistic. O istorie comparată a structuralismului în România [The Linguistic Bastion. A Comparative History of Structuralism in Romania], București: Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române, 2017.

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Keywords: Adriana Stan, Bastionul lingvistic. O istorie comparată a structuralismului în România, The Linguistic Bastion. A Comparative History of Structuralism in Romania, Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române