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Articles from 24(2)/2020

Intermedial Ecocriticism: The Anthropocene Ecological Crisis across Media and the Arts

Jørgen BRUHN


This article is an introduction to the edited issue of Ekphrasis that publishes selected and rewritten versions of papers presented at the international conference ”Intermedial Ecocriticism: The Anthropocene Ecological Crisis across Media and the Arts” that took place in Cluj, Romania, in August... Read More

Keywords: Intermediality, media studies, ecocriticism

Larger than Life: Endangered Species across Media in Louis Psihoyos’s Racing Extinction



The article investigates Racing Extinction as an argumentative eco-documentary that deliberately embraces intermediality as a visual and narrative strategy to draw attention to a pressing environmental issue: anthropogenic species extinction. Scholars, activists, and artists alike have made the argument tha... Read More

Keywords: extinction, narrative, documentary film, endangered species, intermediality

Representing the Anthropocene: Transmediation of Narratives and Truthfulness from Science to Feature Film



The aim of this paper is to investigate the transmediation of scientific articles to very different media types, meaning that the form and content of scientific communication is transformed into other forms of communication – more precisely works of art or entertainment, as exemplified by the media ty... Read More

Keywords: Anthropocene, Climate change, Intermediality, Narration, Science communication, The Day after Tomorrow, Transmediality, Transmediation, Truthfulness

Eco-Intermediality and the Artful Recluse’s Hut: Mizuki Shigeru’s Manga Hōjōki

Daniela KATO


This article proposes eco-intermediality as a cross-fertilization between what has been the hitherto predominantly thematic orientation of ecocriticism and the more form-oriented concerns of intermediality studies. To explore the transformative potential of this eco-intermedial conceptual framework... Read More

Keywords: adaptation; eco-intermediality; hermits; impermanence; intermediality; manga; Mizuki Shigeru; yōkai

Spectral Toxicity: Atmospheres of Radiation in HBO’s Chernobyl and Svetlana Alexievich’s Voices of Chernobyl



This article presents a comparative analysis of HBO’s mini-series Chernobyl (2019) and Svetlana Alexievich’s literary testimonies Voices of Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster (1997) – both of which represent the events and the aftermath of the Cher... Read More

Keywords: Chernobyl, Voices of Chernobyl, Svetlana Alexievich, Ecocriticism, Intermediality, Ecomedia, Spectral Toxicity, Atmosphere, Affect, Trans-corporeality, Eco-Horror

Climate Anxiety on YouTube: Young people reflect on how to handle the climate crisis



The material for this study is four YouTube videos that address climate anxiety published during the 2010s and produced by young people. The videos were analysed from an ecocritical perspective using a discourse theoretical framework and focusing on intermedial aspects. All of the videos inform about climat... Read More

Keywords: climate anxiety, YouTube video, climate change communication, medicalisation

Truth Written in Verse: Transmediations of Scientific Discourse in Swedish Ecopoetry



The article discusses transmediation of truth claims and truthfulness in ecopoetry and takes as example the poetry collection Permafrostens avtagande (The Declining of the Permafrost, 2007) by Swedish poet Åsa Maria Kraft. The aim of the article is twofold: First, to study how transm... Read More

Keywords: intermediality, transmediation, ecopoetry, truthfulness, truth claims

Spherical encounters of the Anthropocene: from Telescope to Kaleidoscope



Spherical encounters of the Anthropocene refers to the impact of humanity’s global ecological footprint that is addressed through the metaphor of the spheres. The new human-generated Anthropo-Noo-spheres and their interaction with the Spheres of Earth are tackled through ecocritical investiga... Read More

Keywords: sphairopoiia (the art of sphere-making), enviromental reenchantment of the world, overview effect, liminoid, cosmic zoom, dome, anthroposphere, sphere interactions

Adrift in History, Who Is This One?: Art in the Critical Zone

Christine RAMSAY


This article explores the capacity of art for representing the question of ecological grief now confronting us in the Anthropocene. My art work is an ongoing series of drawings and paintings of dead birds entitled “Adrift in History.” In reflecting on the meaning of this artistic practice throug... Read More

Keywords: Art in the Anthropocene; Ecology of grief; Bird as archetype; North American robin (Turdus migratorius); Jungian psychology; Bakhtinian dialogism

Lost in the Moment: Ephemeral Art as a Creative Strategy to Explore the Anthropocene



In relation to the wider theme of this journal, this paper explores how ephemeral arts investigate basic ecocritical questions around experience, presence, and loss, through a literal language of fragility and disappearance. Ephemeral art is used here to define a category of artworks which physically exist ... Read More

Keywords: ephemeral art, coping, ecocriticism, Anthropocene, loss, human condition

Intermedial Apocalypticism and the Growing Anthropocene Crises

Simon C. ESTOK


The central concern of “Intermedial Apocalypticism and the Growing Anthropocene Crises” is to understand the complexities involved in answering why, despite the saturation of filmic media with progressive messages about the environment, things continue to get worse. The observations primarily gr... Read More

Keywords: intermedial ecocriticism, activism, ecophobia, climate change narratives

Cinema as Eco-critical Criticism: Can Movies Represent the Conscience of the Anthropocene?

Doru POP


This paper critically questions the postulate that an ecological conscious cinema performs the task of raising global awareness and generates knowledge about the real problems of the Anthropocene. Interrogating the possibility that a cinematic “eco-mind” could be formed within eco-conscious movi... Read More

Keywords: cinema, eco-criticism, eco-Marxism, environmental humanities, critical thinking, dialectical methods

Friends or Foes – Representations of the Relationship between Man and Nature in Three Different Media Types: Literature, Live Action Film and Animated Film



The concept of nature and its relationship to man is crucial in ecocriticism, and has been much debated during the whole existence of the field. In an overview of the short history of ecocriticism, Lawrence Buell (2011) shows how the view on nature has developed since the beginning of ecocriticism in the ea... Read More

Keywords: Intermediality, Ecocriticism, Intermedial Ecocriticism, Woman at War, Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, Wall-E