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Articles from 25(1)/2021

Introduction to Counterdiscourses and Counterpublics in Cinema, Art, Media and Literature



This text is a brief introduction to the notions of counterpublic, public sphere and counterdicourses, as well as a short overview of the articles included in the current themed issue.

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Keywords: counterpublic, counterdiscourse, public sphere, publics

Discipline and Punish in the Humanities: A Philosophically Indisciplined Manifesto

Doru POP


Advancing the notion of a methodless method, the author proposes an alternative to the quest for methods and methodologies, as an indisciplined perspective and approach, one that is impertinent, insolent and ironic. Using Paul Feyerabend’s prosed anarchistic method and overviewing the p... Read More

Keywords: research methods, philosophy of science, anarchic method, indiscplinarity

Authenticity in Representations of Down Syndrome in Contemporary Cinema: The “Supercrip” in The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)



The issue of disability and its representation in the media offers a useful example for studying the relationship between hegemonical discourses and marginal narratives. Disability has been used previously to identify the workings of a dominant ideology (Mitchell 17), but its role as an experience... Read More

Keywords: American cinema, disability, Down syndrome, narrative prosthesis, masculinity

Between the Angel of History and Revolution. Jazz on the Threshold



This paper investigates the intersections between jazz and popular culture in the 1950s and 1960s. It explores the production of signs and the generation of effects that led to a transformation of the music, of society and of the understanding of history. We will look into how the deaths of severa... Read More

Keywords: myth, invention, melancholia, on-the-threshold, jazz

Cuteness as Counterculture in Anthropomorphic Japanese Animation



Big eyes, flying tanukis, talking teddy bears, angry red pandas, and the list carries on. Anthropomorphic characters laugh and cry, search for retribution, fight evil magicians, try to stop experiments, fall in love, or just struggle with work while reenacting our human emotions on the big screen;... Read More

Keywords: counterculture, Japanese animation, cute culture, kawaii

Not a Film, but an Object: Emotional Politics of Appreciating Badfilm

Mehmet SARI


The films embraced by the viewers due to their formal and/or aesthetic incompetence (e.g. technical flaws, lousy acting, cheap special effects, baffling storylines) are called “so bad, it’s good,” “goodbad film” or simply “badfilm”. Badfilm, which constitu... Read More

Keywords: Badfilm, cult cinema, cinematic emotion, artifact emotions, schadenfreude

Dramatizing Democracy through Cinematic Counterdiscourse: A Comparative Analysis of Govind Nihalani’s Aakrosh (1980) and Kundan Shah’s Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983)

Bageshree TRIVEDI


This paper analyses parallel cinema from the post-Emergency period in India, that dramatizes the politics of discourse and counterdiscourse in the ‘democratic’ nation, using Louis Althusser’s framework of ideology and ideological state apparatuses. Aakrosh (1980) and Jaane Bhi Do... Read More

Keywords: Indian cinema, counterdiscourse, ideology, democracy, Althusser

Museum as Counterpublic Space: Performing Direct Testimony



Utilitarian and socially engaged, Applied Drama is a theatre domain and umbrella concept associated with social sciences, anthropology and cultural studies among other humanistic disciplines. The practice of Applied Drama has played a significant role in developing community-based interventions,&n... Read More

Keywords: Applied Drama, counterpublic, counterdiscourse, museum, Memodrome

Telling Another Story: Women’s Documentaries as Counter-Narration in Independent Algeria



This essay analyses seven documentaries made by Algerian and Franco-Algerian female directors as examples of counter-narration in the contemporary Algerian and French public spheres. After a brief introduction to the historical context of creating the official discourse, whether colonialist or nat... Read More

Keywords: women’s documentary, postcolonial Algeria, representation, counter-narration, memory, history

Reimagining Queer Film Festival as a Counterpublic Space. A Case Study of Turkey’s Pink Life Queerfest



This article discusses how film festivals provide a counterpublic space that goes beyond a cultural event for artistic exchanges, particularly in contexts where queer culture raises tensions both with political authorities and within society. They also serve as meeting points and safe spaces where LGBTIQ+ people gather t... Read More

Keywords: counterpublic space, film festivals, queer, visibility, contemporary Turkey

The Radical and Counterintuitive Way out of the Anthropocene



Review of: MacCormack, Patricia. The Ahuman Manifesto. Activism for the end of the anthropocene. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2020.

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Keywords: review, MacCormack Patricia, The Ahuman Manifesto. Activism for the end of the anthropocene

The Philosopher and the Shadow



Review of: Bolea, Ștefan. Internal Conflict in Nineteenth-Century Literature. Reading the Jungian Shadow. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2020.

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Keywords: review, Bolea Ștefan, Internal Conflict in Nineteenth-Century Literature. Reading the Jungian Shadow

Social Modernity in the Borderlands: Epidemics, Revolutionary Politics and Scientific Representations



Review of: Călin Cotoi, Inventing the Social in Romania, 1848–1914. Networks and Laboratories of Knowledge. Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh/Brill, 2020.

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Keywords: review, Călin Cotoi, Inventing the Social in Romania, 1848–1914. Networks and Laboratories of Knowledge