Articles from 28(2)/2022

Popular Culture Wars: Racism, Gender and Empire and the Transformations of 21st Century Capitalism

Doru POP


Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Frank Herbert’s Dune were considered to be “unadaptable” works. This paper critically discusses Villeneuve’s Dune and the TV series created by AppleTV+, a revision of the “Foundation”, overviewing the controversies surrounding the recre... Read More

Keywords: Isaac Asimov, Foundation, Frank Herbert, Dune, capitalism, racial cinema, science fiction, racism, imperialism, chimeric cinema

De-orientalizing Dune: Storyworld-Building Between Frank Herbert’s Novel and Denis Villeneuve’s Film



In Dune (1965), Frank Herbert builds an SF universe that, although futuristic, remains geopolitically reminiscent of our historical world, with ethnically and culturally identifiable characters. For all his storyworld-building efforts, Herbert’s representation of the desert planet Arrakis and his Arab... Read More

Keywords: science-fiction, orientalism, cinematic adaptation, storyworld-building

Searching for Something in Sci-Fi Movies



This article seeks to understand the way in which the Canadian director Denis Villeuneve sees his protagonist, Paul Atreides from Dune (2021)—based on the eponymous novel by Frank Herbert, as a starting point for almost every successful sci-fi movie in history: a good story, full of theological myths,... Read More

Keywords: Dune, Frank Herbert, Dennis Villeneuve, Ridley Scott, Alien, Blade Runner, sci-fi sagas, space epic genre, good, evil, humanity, artificial intelligence, robots

A Genuine Messiah: The Erosion of Political Messaging in Dune 2021

Misha Grifka WANDER


Frank Herbert’s sprawling Dune epic critiques imperialism, colonialism, and the notion of a messiah figure. Herbert drew heavily on Islamic thought and culture, incorporating it throughout the books, while also interrogating the problematic structure of thinking that leads to messianic figures and the... Read More

Keywords: Dune, science fiction, movie adaptations, orientalism, messianic figures, hero’s journey

An Inquiry into Cultural Value Systems and Conflicts in Science Fiction: Exploring Spiral Dynamics in Foundation

Mehmet SARI


Science fiction narratives illuminate the human condition by estranging us from our perception of reality and presenting authentic, imaginative frameworks. This article examines how the television series Foundation (Apple TV+, 2021-) approaches human value systems and emerging conflicts from a Spiral Dynami... Read More

Keywords: Science fiction sagas, Spiral Dynamics, systems thinking, value systems, cultural conflicts, culture wars, Foundation

In-Betweenness in the Post-Media Age



Review of: Caught In-Between: Intermediality in Contemporary Eastern European and Russian Cinema, Ágnes Pethő (Ed.). Edinburgh University Press, 2020

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Keywords: Caught In-Between: Intermediality in Contemporary Eastern European and Russian Cinema, Ágnes Pethő, Edinburgh University Press