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Articles from 29(1)/2023

Standing at the Media Borders, Crossing Over Conceptual Boundaries

Doru POP and Liviu LUTAS

Towards Ecological Thinking Through Modal Changes: Weird Media Transformation in Lars von Trier’s Film Melancholia

Silvia KURR


Lars von Trier’s Melancholia is at once a film about an apocalyptic destruction of Earth and a highly intermedial work. It largely draws inspiration from the medium of painting, imitating painterly effects as well as transforming well-recognized artworks. This article focuses on the transformation of ... Read More

Keywords: media, transformation, modalities, new materialism, ecological thinking.

Mediated Remembering of Having Been Traumatized Collectively in Recent Hungarian Historical Films: Transmediating Analogue Photography in Post Mortem (2020) and Natural Light (2021)



Analogue photography takes on additional characteristics and functions as it is transmediated in such 21st century Hungarian—e.g. small national, and Eastern European—film historical examples like Post Mortem (Péter Bergendy, 2020) or Natural Light (Dénes Nagy, 2021). The examinati... Read More

Keywords: transmediation, historical film, analogue photography, cultural memory-work, communicative generations, collective trauma.

From Cinema to Audiobook: Sharing Media Features

Jaimeson Machado GARCIA, Ana Cláudia Munari DOMINGOS


This essay is part of a research project that seeks to analyze, based on Intermediality, the boundaries between sound media products such as audiobooks and podcasts. One of the conclusions of this larger project is in the way fictional sound media use cinema features to create what we can understand as imme... Read More

Keywords: cinema; audiobook, soundtracks, sound effects, semiotic, intermediality

Multi-modalities in Music: The Videoclip as a Tool for Re-signification in Pop Song



This article describes how videoclips can be used to re-signify a song and even a music genre. Reggaeton is a music style with almost thirty years in the music market. It has been considered a symbol of sexism due to its lyrics and videos that present male artists in hedonistic situations where women are sh... Read More

Keywords: Multimedia, Music, Videoclip, Reggaeton, Bad Bunny, Analysis

Drift With Me: Walking, Projecting, Creating



The installation-projection in contemporary art practice seeks to open up new spaces, projected light not only creating depth in the black box, but also an uncanny sensorial experience. As a walking artist, my work crosses boundaries between the performative and video practice using sound and the pico-proje... Read More

Keywords: walking art, pico-projector, installation-projection, contemporary video art practice, intermedial art practice, crafting.

Multimodality: D(I)aspora, Identity construction and the speaking of Migrant Subjects in the New Media



The paper has two main goals. First, I want to show how important it is to look at discourse through a multimodal lens. Second, this paper experiments with MDA (multimodal discourse analysis) in examining the three films from south Asian countries. The hegemonic images of “home,” “family,&... Read More

Keywords: Multimodal Analysis, Semiotic Analysis, New Media, South Asia, Diaspora.

The Strange Case of Manoel de Oliveira



Review of: The Cinema of Manoel de Oliveira. Modernity, Intermediality and the Uncanny, Hajnal Király, Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

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Keywords: The Cinema of Manoel de Oliveira. Modernity, Intermediality and the Uncanny, Hajnal Király, Bloomsbury Academic

Intermediality: A Performative Approach



Review of: Cinematic Intermediality. Theory and Practice. Kim KNOWLES and Marion SCHMID, Eds. (2021). Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 206 pp. ISBN: 978 1 4744 4634 1, p/b

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