Articles from 3(1)/2010

Introduction. Representation and its relationship with reality and illusion

Doru POP

Cinema as surrogate reality – representation, substitution, artificial and virtual in the aesthetics of cinema

Doru POP


From the earliest forms of artistic expression and from the first philosophical debates, the relationship between body and its representations was a constant preoccupation for theoretical discussions. Be it the “tomb for the soul”, as it was for Plato, a mechanism governed by Reason and obeyin... Read More

Keywords: cinematography, representation, surrogates, simulacra, illusion, reality-effect, virtual reality

Pier Paolo Pasolini and His Inquisitors



This article sums up the history and work of the famous Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, and examines the charges of blasphemy and obscenity levelled against him.

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Keywords: modern, moral, censorship, Pier Paolo Pasolini, violence

The cinematic adaptation of Ondaatje’s The English Patient: motifs, reflections and criticism

Alexandru ISTUDOR


The paper provides a critical interpretation of The English Patient, both the movie and Michael Ondaatje’s novel. Comparing the movie and the original text, the author looks for the reconfigurations that take place in representation of the novel into the visual language. The author searches... Read More

Keywords: The English Patient, critical interpretation of movies and novels, Michael Ondaatje, political discourse in cinema

Typologies of everyday theatricality – a game and a movie



This paper studies the virtual theatricality as a part of everyday theatricality, through a specific number of case studies: a computer game and a movie. Virtual theatricality is the type of role assumption produced at the level of the individual imaginary; here, communication is split by an interface; th... Read More

Keywords: theatricality, RPG, Charlie Kaufman, audiences

The artistic re-construction of the body and the aesthetic death of representation



The central arguments of this article are built around the question of what happens if there is “no more representation” in modern arts today. The author offers a map of the role the body plays in the contemporary civilization and culture, from the vantage point of artistic body representation... Read More

Keywords: body representation, de-corporealisation, aesthetics, simulacra, post-humanism

Les dissensions sur la question des images sacrées médiévales et leur rôle dans la naissance du théâtre religieux occidental



When the specialised literature speaks of the birth of religious medieval theatre, it is often towards the written documents, fragments of dramatic texts, scenarios or scenic indications that it turns itself and seldom towards their contemporary pictorial images. The present study proposes to take a look ... Read More

Keywords: sacred image, relics, miracle, image maker, Byzantine Church, Carolingian Church, medieval theatre

Some observations on the anthropological basis of artistic practice: the Merry Cemetery, Săpânţa (Maramureş)



This paper aims at showing the strong relationship between tradition and innovation in the so called Merry Cemetery (Săpânţa, Maramureş, Romania). The cemetery contains many ranks of richly decorated blue crosses showing, in verses and images, episodes of the villagers’ lives. The Merry Cem... Read More

Keywords: anthropological artistic practices, Săpânţa cemetery, traditional culture, folklore

Beginnings of comic books and graphic novels: A sequence in sequential art



This paper is an introductory study in the imaginary of graphic novels and their role in the evolution of contemporary popular culture. On the other hand, this is not only a history of comic strips and their yellow journalism resources, but it provides an understanding of the social impact of these very s... Read More

Keywords: imaginary studies, comics, graphic novels

On the turn of values in the practice of “hunting images”



This paper begins by focusing on demonstrating/ convince that between the creator of a documentary movie (called here \"the hunter of reality\"), and the ancestral hunter (who survived by hunting animals) we can draw several analogies. Starting with these analogies, I will try to understand and describe t... Read More

Keywords: media ethics and deontology, documentary, observational cinema, cinema-direct

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