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Articles from 6(2)/2011

Practice Based Research, a Refutation of the Proposition: Science is not for Artists

Doru POP

Everyday Life Drama: A Research Project as an Educational Platform for Theatre and Media



The research and creation program Everyday Life Drama was born in 2004, as an interdisciplinary project with two immediate and even urgent dimensions: the first one was to re-link the playwriting practices to the social and political context, after more than one decade of aesthetical escapism an... Read More

Keywords: theatre, education, young people, self-representations, playwriting, drama, experimental filmmaking, teamwork, education

Reproduction as a Scientific Research Method: “Nude in a Hammock”

Manuela BORZA


Visual studies firstly encompass an aesthetical component determined by form, color, compositional balance and secondly a semiotic component when it comes to perceiving images. Their message can be understood and assimilated on both levels, formal and content-related with the help of deconstruction.

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Keywords: reproduction, practical research, aquatint

Reproduction as a Scientific Research Method: “The Spanish Guitarist”

Paula ONEŢ


The aim of this paper is to give a wider understanding of the value of practice as a learning method. It is important to understand the practical benefits of artistic research in the development of creative thinking. Here it is emphasized the relationship between the exegeses or research paper and the st... Read More

Keywords: reproduction, practice, replication, studio-based work

La pratique des Lignes de temps appliquée au film d’art

Daria IOAN


La Ligne de Temps (LDT) is a software program developed by the IRI (Research and Innovation Institute) of the Pompidou Center in Paris. Its basic functions are the juxtaposition and the comparison of images. Its application to digitalized art movies leads to the creation of several series of Tags... Read More

Keywords: encyclopedia, digitalized image, software, tag, visual culture, video art, selection

The Depth of Visual Field

Florin ŢOLAȘ


The legacy of the Renaissance painting and visual arts upon the coagulation of the film language was enormous and the film makers took over an elaborated visual experience that resounded profoundly with the specific of the cinematographic picture based on the capture of reality by two dimensional optic... Read More

Keywords: perspective, linear, aerian, painter, deep of field, filmmaker, film, point of wiew

Film and Language



The author discusses, from the perspective of a professional in the field of television and documentary, the key elements of the audiovisual language. The autor uses analytical tools from media practice such as the curve of interest or tha visual remembrance of space and how the viewer experiences them.<... Read More

Keywords: audiovisual language, the curve of interest, visual perception

Le douteux caractère désintéressé de l’art



The author starts this essay from the Kantian opposition between the practical attitude and that of pure contemplation to discuss the aesthetic from practical purposes. Providing a theoretical context for the debate about the distinction between art and utility, the author contends that this distinction can not be expressed as an absol... Read More

Keywords: artobject, aesthetic, dissinterest, utility

The Aesthetics of the New Wave, According to Cristi Puiu

Doru POP


Cristi Puiu is one of the most important movie makers in the contemporary Romanian cinema. The director has reinvented himself and, in the process, reinvented the whole contemporary Romanian film has reinvented an entire aesthetic. This papers is dedicated to explain his role in the history of Romanian ... Read More

Keywords: Cristi Puiu, Romanian New Wave, aesthe-tics, mizerabilism, naturalism

The Apocalypse According to Lars von Trier

Andrei SIMUŢ


This paper focuses on Lars Von Trier΄s latest film in a double relation, with his previous filmography and with disaster film genre, investigating how Melancholia stands apart from both series of film, both Trier΄s and the apocalyptic genre.

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Keywords: apocalyptic, romantic film, three-act structure, Dogme 95, High Romanticism, disaster movie, end of the world

Rire, sourire, pleurer – Comedy Cluj, octobre 2011



This paper analyzes a new film festival, Comedy Cluj, 3rd edition, underlining the importance of such a manifestation for the city, as well as some contemporary directions in the comedy movies.

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Keywords: Comedy Cluj, humour, multiculturalism

Visual Representation of Men and Women in the Romanian Printed Advertising between 1965-1989. A Social Semiotics of Masculinity and Femininity

Olga-Anca BAR


The following article aims at discussing the relationship between gender role portrayals in the Romanian printed advertising industry belonging to the communist period (1965-1989). By closely analysing the visual images of male and female representations depicted in the chosen advertisements, the focus wa... Read More

Keywords: male, female, advertising industry, visual images, communist, Romanian, social semiotic approach

The Evolution of the Personality Cult in Romania: A Visual Case Study

Cristiana FICA


A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized and heroic public image. Cults of personality are usually associated with dictatorships. Personality cults were first described in relation to totalitarian regimes that sought to radicall... Read More

Keywords: mass media, propaganda, communist dictatorship

“The cinema is a question of malpractice”, Interview with Doru Pop

Cristi PUIU

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