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Les Synesthésies dans les cubomanies et l’écriture poétique de Gherasim Luca

Charlène CLONTS


Gherasim Luca’s work as a poet and as an artist was greatly influenced by Victor Brauner and Ilarie Voronca’s theories. His work was displayed to the viewer in the exhibition “Présentation de graphies colorées de cubomanies et d’objets”, that took place in Bucarest, in January 1945. Through this exhibition, both Gherasim Luca – with his cubomanie or the “Objets Objectivement Offerts” – and Dolfi Trost will lay stress on the desire to create new images bias a new creating process, of which the surrealist coincidence and automatism take a great place. This practice and the poetry lead one to reconsider the notion of composition, which can be understood in its literal meaning (to put down together and so to re-assemble), and to wonder what articulation can be made between sight, hearing and touch. By means of a comparative reading of samples taken from Gherasim Luca’s cubomanies after the 1960’s and his texts published in France after 1945, we will have to establish how the cubomanie and the poetical writing interact and communicate, how it partakes of a world and life reinvention, but also how this practice manages to recreate to some extent a contemplation of the self-fragmentation, and is also a solution to trigger the numerous reflects of the reality, in his works.

Keywords: Gherasim Luca, cubomanie, synesthesia, french contemporary poetry, romanian artist, mixture of genres and fields