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Avatars d’Apocalypse, du cinéma au jeu vidéo



The Revelation of St Jean, founder text of the apocalyptic imagination, belongs to the literary type. The Apocalypse, which means revelation, leans on metaphors and symbols inherited from Middle-East mytholo-gies. It provoked numerous interpretations. Nowadays, the cinema and video games seized the theme, to which they add references borrowed from current events such as Hiroshima, Tchernobyl, September 11th, or Fukushima. The theme of the world’s end goes alongside to short of the mystery, the revelation and the miracle. The contemporary Apocalypses are connected with traditional kinds, but also with new forms like the cyberpunk and the steampunk. They defne themselves as an aesthetics of fragmentation and ruins, but the cinema gives the motive another mean-ing, by evoking the Apocalypse of images.

Keywords: mystery, revelation, eschatology, parousia, cinema, video game, kind(genre), science fction, thriller, cyberpunk, steampunk, symbol, metaphor