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Psycho-Apocalypses, from Theory to Practice

Andrei SIMUĊ˘


This paper investigates the concept of psycho-apocalypse as belonging to a new type of apocalyptic imagination in flm and literature, with a vast range of examples, mostly taken from the flms of 2011, extremely signifcant both for the change in the apocalyptic genre of the last two decades and for the return of pre-apocalypticism, a resurgence of intense expectations for the end of the world (a new apocalyptic psychoses). In the frst part of the article I outline a few theoretical perspectives on this shift, and, in the second part I analyze the signifcant examples, from the TV series “Doomsday Preppers” to flms like Take Shelter and Another Earth.

Keywords: psycho-apocalypse, pre-apocalypticism, imminence, apocalyptic expectations, reactive depression