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Filmic Migration and Wandering Sounds: The Relation Between Accented and Dialect Cinema



In the context of the music documentary Heimatklänge (Echoes of Home) Marcy Goldberg (48) suggested speaking of dialect cinema. Dialect cinema normally maintains the visual and audio character of its place of origin. It differs from the transnational accented cinema of filmmakers in exile by Hamid Naficy. Using Goldberg’s concept, I would like to define dialect cinema as a type of filmic aesthetic and define its features. In Echoes of Home, the voice, musical origins and regional sounds are all indicators of dialect cinema. Yet, despite all differences and contrasts, several similarities between accented and dialect cinema exist; These similarities make it possible to consider a filmic migration which functions as a wandering and transcultural circulating movement. Following this hypothesis, an image emerges which, on the one hand, is a musical-regional image of the Swiss Alps and on the other – as I define it – a global yodel soundscape. In my paper I will demonstrate how this is expressed as a circulation and a wandering in Echoes of Home and how this is perceived in the audiovisual material.

Keywords: Accented cinema, dialect cinema, Echoes of Home, Heimatklänge, Landscape, Music, Migration, Soundscape

DOI: 10.24193/ekphrasis.23.5