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Et le millénaire n’arrivera point ... 911 oul’espoir apocalyptique consommé par sa médiatisation



The atmosphere during the last years of 20th century was one of fin de siècle melancholy. People were longing for an apocalyptic disaster to finish with such an unbearable situation. But nothing did happen – until 911, when millenarian hope arose again. Apocalypse was from now on omnipresent in media. According to Stockhausen, the attacks of September 11 were even “the greatest work of art in the cosmos”. By the repetitive appearance of the scenario which often was nothing but a rewriting of famous disaster flms, however, the apocalyptic discourse lost its rhetoric power but not its ideological content. The “millenarian paradigm” will continue to justify the status quo of global economic order.

Keywords: millennium, Apocalypse, 911, media