From the Nostalgia of Aestheticism to the Rediscovery of Ideology. Romanian Literary and Film Criticism After 2000

Claudiu TURCU┼×


This essay’s aim is to outline the main directions of Romanian critical discourse after the year 2000, pointing out the specifc differences—in terms of, on one hand, the refunctionalization of ideological grids and, on the other, the appeal to theory in cultural reception—in relationship with the aestheticist-formalism imposed by the reformist criticism under communism. The frst part of the paper outlines the socio-political context of the socialist era. The second part is focused on analyzing a few methodological solutions offered in some of the most important studies belonging to the young generation of critics emerged in the last ten years.

Keywords: Synchronism, Ideology, Aesthetic autonomy, Filmology, Literary theory, Romanian Criticism