Teaching Comparative Literature in Today\'s Romania

Mihaela URSA


The present paper focuses on some important aspects of the much invoked crisis of comparative literature, as manifested in Romania in the academic discipline of comparative literature. After almost half a century, one of the most diffcult problems the comparative literature discipline encounters everywhere still consists of its methodological crisis. Such an argument obviously has its own set of ramifcations, all of which need to be analyzed in order to clarify the theoretical and historical dimensions of the “crisis of comparative literature”. Following a brief presentation of the intricacies of the crisis debate, the paper analyses the actual state of comparative literature in the main faculties of Letters in Romania, with an eye for the state policies, the ebbs and fows of academic sympathy towards the discipline and the possible local resistance to theory and to method in literary studies and criticism.

Keywords: comparative studies, teaching world literature, educational policies, humanities and the university, method, discipline, literary history, literary studies in Romania