NCR was Made in Puiu’s Land

Andrei GORZO


In 1992, Cristi Puiu was admitted to the department of Painting at Geneva’s École supérieure d’art visuel (He had frst visited Switzerland in 1990, exhibiting paintings in Lausanne as part of a cultural exchange project. Meanwhile, he had tried – and had been rejected – for The Art Institute of Bucharest, then temporarily switched interest to jewelry craft, which he was planning to study in Geneva.). A year later, he transferred to the department of Film. In 2001 – when he made his feature film debut with Marfa şi banii/Stuff and Dough – he confessed in the magazine Dilema that his preoccupation with realist flm had grown during his university years2 (Puiu’s diploma work was, in fact, titled “Notes on the Realist Film”3). More precisely, he had became a Bazinian.

Keywords: New Romanian Cinema, Cristi Puiu, André Bazin, Realism