Mythology Amalgamated. The Transformation of the Mythological and the Re-appropriation of Myths in Contemporary Cinema

Doru POP


The paper evaluates the myth-making processes in the history of the movie-making industry, claiming that we are witnessing the coming together of a myth-illogical universe, where Hollywood practices and narrative structures have reached a point of amalgamation with no return. The classical migration of myths has become, in this third age of cinematic mythology, a manifestation of the re-mythologization by appropriation. Analyzing the effects of ideological use of mythology in cinema, the author takes a critical stand against the mishmash of representations in films today. Using the concept of cinematic kakology the paper develops a reading of the consequences of the absurd amalgamation of myths and mythological figures in contemporary cinema.

Keywords: mythology, cinema, comic-books, Disney, Greco-Roman heroes, archetypes