Urbanité et espace cybernétique

Călina BORA


We live in a society in which the urban settlements are no longer clearly defined areas. Firstly, this is due to the speedful way in which territories are made uniform, the rural-urban barrier is breached, with the purpose of ensuring the conveyance of information and fast transit. The forced urbanization process attracts as a side-effect the apparition of a difussed urban area. While rooting down the rural area, the urban area can no longer be defined by what was at a time known by the name of “city” (as a physical territory). What is left in its wake is a network-like structure, alike the rhizome type (as it is perceived by Deleuze and Guattari). The death of the city gives rise to the feeling of ubiquity due to how the data is electronically processed and speedfully conveyed. Because of this boom in informatics, the urban area seizes and exploits a different kind of space: the cyberspace.

Keywords: cyberspace, urban areas, the city, space/area, rhizome, the other space