Parcours urbain et remémoration Oslo, 31 août de Joachim Trier

Véronique BUYER


Entitling his last film Oslo, August 31st, Joachim Trier stresses on the city where the narrative takes place. In fact, the urban spaces host the long walk of Anders, the main character, during this day outside of the rehabilitation center. Memories of his past resurface in almost documentary images. Aware that this day is his last one – he has planned to commit suicide – Anders looks at the places he used to know with a slight different gaze. He meets a few old friends through the city where he grew up and lived his past life of drug addict outside of the society. The people he meets, acquaintance or anonymous, and the significant spaces he walks across during this path to the house of his childhood bring up a recollection of memories. As the mechanical movement of the film recording, the movement of walking becomes a way to rewind the thought.

Keywords: Joachim Trier, Oslo, August 31st, recollection, memories, walking, urban spaces, drift, Michelangelo Antonioni, attentive perception