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The “Double Mirror” in James Cameron\'s Avatar – Philosophy, Ecology, Ideology and Ontology on Pandora

Doru POP


This article is mainly a reading of ideologies that make of Cameron\'s “Avatar”, based on the fact that Cameron has integrated multiple ideologies within the story frame of his 3D movie. The research starts with the discussion on the problem of avatars in the history of culture and philosophy and moves towards the description of concepts from neurosciences, deep ecologism and Marxism or Feminism that have influenced James Cameron\'s narrative. The author uses Northrop Frye’s concept of double mirror, as a symbolic interpretation form, meant to explain the key oppositions in the movie, which are not only the relationship between human and aliens, but also those of mind over matter, nature versus technology and power against community. All these concepts are towards followed in their convergence a constant double representation, practiced with regard both to character development and narrativity and with respect to audience and actors, and in the changes of the dynamics of cinema production in the XXI Century.