Fashionable Extensions. Clandestine Forms of Body Representation and Internet Iconography



One of the difficulties when engaging a topic referring to the relationship between fashion and the body is portrayed by both the plethora of images provided by the fashion industry and the numerous imbrications these images pose throughout digital media. Circulated throughout various media, images establish interconnected relationships extending beyond the urban space, body materiality, or the interplay of habits and representations. Even though they configure a body that moves away from conventions ruling the actual lived body in urban spaces, these images are a moulding force for individuals. As the relationship between fashion and the digital exceeds the physical boundaries and formulates different perceptions over clothing and the body, the concept of fashion is seen here from a perspective within the arts as opposed to the cultural industries. The present article considers the body as the interface of sign perpetuations, aesthetic effects and stylistic transformations. In discussing these issues, however, I do not rely solely on a semiotic analysis of images, but focus on an interdisciplinary approach at the nexus of fashion and media studies. The article focuses on body as reflected in digital and artistic practices, Internet iconography, and clandestine forms of body image representations.

Keywords: Digital, body-image, extension, fashion, internet.