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Searching Ourselves in Other People – A Feminist and Marxist Key of Time (2006) directed by Kim Ki-Duck

Stănuţa Nicoleta POPA


The hypothesis of the article is that dynamic images reveal their meanings with the aid of an array of methods supporting the analysis. The selection of the methods finds its reasoning in the idea that a film suggests a fantasy story within the ideology of an era. In this context the spectator assumes a second-degree position, via his culturally structured desires and visions. Thus, the objectivity and the validity of the research is generated by the implications and the interpretation of various methods (formal and intuitive), methods supported by the scientific arguments of the initiators of these methods, as well as of those involved in producing images. Using the Korean director Kim Ki-Duk, in this case, this “coagulation of data” is used to explain, in terms of ideology, a vision of time, love, and ones own identity against a background of individual Asian cultures.

Keywords: Kim Ki-Duk, Marxism, feminism, psychoanalysis, violence