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Nouvelles identités de la femme - artiste dans les représentations contemporaines du corps



The paper discusses the use of the human body as a material and artistic object. The main hypothesis is that the body is a part of a wider process of innovation and revolution in art. Following those artists who implement the creative act on themselves, using their own body, and those works of art which use the bodily fluids in the same manner, the author interprets desecration as the logical extreme of the emancipation of the artwork from its ritual submission to political practice. These practices are understood in their radical feminist criticism targeting Christianity, and other structures of dominance of androcentric and patriarchal society in which man-father holds the power. The uses of phallocentric ideology are opposed to those public displays of nudity, intimacy, bodyblasphemous by the association of religious symbols excretory function, which have an inherent component of protest.

Keywords: body art, menstrual art, ideal feminine identity, nudity, violence