Le corps de la théorie, le corps dans la théorie – Figurations du sujet interprétant dans les écrits de Jean Starobinski –

Ioana BOTH


Abstract : Along the lines of an earlier research project focusing on the interpreting subject figurae in contemporary literary criticism, I aim at reflecting, based upon a set of close readings, on the use of the body and body-related metaphors in critical interpretation conceptualizations, particularly in Jean Starobinski’s works. Marking an „actual presence”, be it a superficial image or a metaphor ultimately instrumenting a concept otherwise difficult to circumscribe, the use of the body (as a figura of the object to be interpreted, as well as a figura of the interpreting subject) in Starobinski’s theoretical writings on the critical act, resorts to earlier rhetoric stratagems, yet mentions, at the same time, a different (as well as difficult) relationship between the critical subject and its own figural occurrence in its own text.

Keywords: Jean Starobinski, interpreting subject, the Geneva school of criticism, critical conscience, „critique de la conscience”, „figurality”, interpretation.