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L’art érotique: le nu féminin

Andreea Elena CIUCLAN


Womanhood – unique treasury of beauty and sensuality continues to raise the interest of critics in every field it has been considered a part of. No matter if there is literature, photography, film or advertising, it becomes a subject of discussion and controversy. Most of the times, interpreted as subject to the man, the woman still succeeds, slowly and with no external help, in reaching the surface, thus leading a battle won by the struggle itself. Female nudity, captured in a picture or a photo, generates different interpretations: erotic art or pornography, femininity or desire, sensuality or obscenity, beauty or offer, creation or sale, are only the first impressions in a series that can cover entire pages. Consequently, eroticism in art is interpreted and reinterpreted, accepted and challenged. The avoidance of such mistaken labeling – erotic art as pornography, lies in the art readers, whose role is to help those trapped in a narrow universe to find the way to understanding the message conveyed by the image, to reflect and to interpret, because art involves reflection and interpretation.

Keywords: women, feminity, beauty, sensuality, nudity, erotic art, pornography, photography, criticism