Everyday Life Drama: A Research Project as an Educational Platform for Theatre and Media



The research and creation program Everyday Life Drama was born in 2004, as an interdisciplinary project with two immediate and even urgent dimensions: the first one was to re-link the playwriting practices to the social and political context, after more than one decade of aesthetical escapism and symbolical dominance of the theatre directing in Romania; the second one was the need of renewal in educational methods, by joining together the students from different programs, in a common effort of re-building a coherent perspective about their lives and their discourses. The program combines the workshops for video-journalism, creative writing in media and theatre, and photo-journalism, but also direct anthropological field research, in a research camp of ten days, each of the last seven years. The importance of the program is that it offers each year a new bunch of artistic products: video-productions and documentaries, plays and film scenarios, written reports and interviews, photo exhibitions. In 2007 and 2008, the program was awarded two consecutive grants for Cultural Intervention from the Ministry of Culture in Romania. From 2009, the program was awarded a three year research grant from the Romanian Ministry of Education.

Keywords: theatre, education, young people, self-representations, playwriting, drama, experimental filmmaking, teamwork, education