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Digital Media and the Information Age. Interview with Dr. Peter BRUCK, Research Studios Austria

Rodica MOCAN


   Between 10-12 September of 2015, BabeČ™-Bolyai University – in partnership with the Cluj City Hall and Share Foundation – hosted the Grand Jury meeting of the European Youth Award 2015, a project included in the European Youth Capital program. The members of the grand jury are young European experts and leaders in ITC, youth, multimedia and academic sector and gathered together to jury the projects submitted in the different categories of the digital media competition. The judging session was hosted by the Department of Cinematography and Media of the Faculty of Theater and Television. 

The European Youth Award (EYA) is a pan-European competition. Its main objective is to motivate youth, entrepreneurs and startups to produce digital products with a social added value according to the European Council agenda and Europe 2020 strategy. The European Youth Award demonstrates the potential of the young generation to create innovative solutions with the help of the Internet and mobile technologies. 

Dr. Peter Bruck, the Director of the Research Studios Austria and of the International Center for New Media from Salzburg, kindly offered us an interview in which he explained the importance of the European and global digital media competitions that he has been organizing over the past 20 years, elaborating on 

Keywords: Interview with Dr. Peter BRUCK