La pratique des Lignes de temps appliquée au film d’art

Daria IOAN


La Ligne de Temps (LDT) is a software program developed by the IRI (Research and Innovation Institute) of the Pompidou Center in Paris. Its basic functions are the juxtaposition and the comparison of images. Its application to digitalized art movies leads to the creation of several series of Tags which allow to reorganize data. In order to structure her experiments of the LDT, Delphine Chaix proposed a new lecture of The Right Way (Der Rechte Weg) by Fischli & Weiss. We discuss here the inner structures of the Swiss artists’ universe and the possibility to reach a higher level of image interconnection and amplify meaning in visual arts by using digital tools such as LDT.

Keywords: encyclopedia, digitalized image, software, tag, visual culture, video art, selection