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The Evolution of the Personality Cult in Romania: A Visual Case Study

Cristiana FICA


A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods, to create an idealized and heroic public image. Cults of personality are usually associated with dictatorships. Personality cults were first described in relation to totalitarian regimes that sought to radically alter or transform society according to radical ideas. Often, a single leader became associated with this revolutionary transformation, and came to be treated as a benevolent “guide” for the nation without whom the transformation to a better future couldn\'t occur. This has been generally the justification for personality cults that arose in totalitarian societies of the 20th century. So this article is centered around the personality cult of Nicolae Ceausescu, and proposes a case study that aims to present the evolution of this personality cult. As a result of the research undertaken, the personality cult of Nicolae Ceausescu may be divided into three stages, described and analyzed in the article.

Keywords: mass media, propaganda, communist dictatorship